• le moulin du rivet

About us

«Le Moulin du Rivet » was opened in April 1999. Since then guests have been warmly welcomed here in the peaceful Quint valley situated in the southern portion of the Vercors national park. Our former watermill had for more than 100 years produced wheat, rye flour and walnut oil. Farmers came from far and wide with heavy laden donkeys and wagons, full of grain and nuts to use the mill. Whilst the miller did his work, the visitors enjoyed a meal and a roof over their heads at the mill. We like to continue this tradition, as good food and a sound nights sleep are key to our philosophy. A relaxed and peaceful place with room to breath fresh air and plenty of outdoor activities..... what more do you want! We do our best to meet your needs.

What do we offer

- 2 comfortable guest rooms in half board
- A self catering cottage for 2 persons (also possible in half board)

- Tables d'hôtes = complete eveningmeal
- Campsite "aire naturelle" and 2 selfcontained glamping tents for rent
- All information and help for arranging your days here, including local maps and detailed walking routes
- Local products & photos/ceramics for sale

For more information see "Offers".

Our philosophy

We are a down to earth establishment for down to earth people who are looking for that escape from the stresses of life, to be able to slow down for a while and unwind in the fresh air and enjoy our surroundings......thats the most important thing here... Make your own plans or just chill for a day...heaven!
We aim to create a happy and healthy environment. Thats why we cook with fresh, organic local produce. We also make an effort to use fair trade products and we support small undertakings (more info: see Diverse). We also encourage as much waste recycling as possible, use solar energy for warm water.
...... and after all that work, enjoying a glass of local wine or a fresh beer on our sunny terrace? Yes!

The surroundings

  •  Transhumance festival - city Die.
  •  View over the Valley.
  •  Autumn in the Quint Valley.
  •  Long & short walks.
  •  Canoeing on the river Drôme.
  •  Local bubbles, Clairette.
  •  View of the Vercors.